Offensive Chili Escape

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Not all chili people in the wilderness are unfriendly, for there are a few that is welcoming and kind to the people of the village. In fact, Preston has one friend there and they seldom meet for the exchange of produce. Well even though those two are friends, there are some in each village that resents the other, probably due to old wounds or something, but that day the two friends will get affected by that and Preston might be in a tough position there then!

Preston’s chili friend just got trapped in some contraption there in the village and he thought this is not good, for there is a likely chance that Preston’s fellow villagers who resents the chili people did this with intent! Preston might have to choose then whether he’ll follow his kind or save his friend. But of course Preston will be rescuing his friend, but only in a way that nobody will know. Escape players, Preston here is going to rescue his chili friend by moving like a ninja in the shadows ensuring that nobody will see him, for if they see him helping his chili friend there then there is a likely chance that he will lose his farm, won’t have a home in the village anymore, and will be exiled by the villagers. Will you help him out then on this rescue mission of his here for his friend?

Offensive Chili Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Offensive Chili Escape

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