Friendly Furvilla Escape

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The Furvilla is a place for furry creatures and it’s actually a haven free from people that would persecute them. One person actually goes there but not to ruin the happiness of the animals in the place, but just to give them some food and overall just to see if they are all okay. This person was Noah and the critters there knows him already, the only human that gives them food and takes care of them, that’s why he is granted access to the place even though it is protected by enchantment. As he goes there once again that day, one resident there is going to thank his presence, for she got trapped in something and needs help!

This creature was a pretty female rodent-type creature but it looked like an otter. Noah doesn’t think of that as important though, he will help all creatures there big or small and regardless of everything. Escape players, Noah is going to need a little help here for where she is trapped seems to be in a complicated enclosure or something. He can fix it but he needs help here in solving some puzzles which are present in that contraption. Will you be able to help even if it is finding stuff to unlock the thing?

Friendly Furvilla Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Friendly Furvilla Escape

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