Ninja Room Escape

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“I’ll no longer be a ninja in training.” You say this to yourself as you face the mirror before starting. Today marks the final test for you to become a ninja. You’ve been secretly training for the past five years. Your parents have no idea you are studying such skills. And you are very good at hiding it. At home, you act just like a normal person and sometimes even weaker. You don’t like showing strength that much so people won’t focus their attention on you. But  like a tiger unleashed, you’re aggressive in training. You’re very quick and clever. Even your superiors are impressed. However, the real test is on the application of all the things you have acquired. So they set you out to fulfill a mission. And when ninja’s hide something, only a true ninja can find it as well.

So you start on your mission immediately. You don’t want to be just stealthy but quick as well. This is actually your weakness. You tend to be so careful that you’re taking a lot of time when carrying out tasks. But you have to prove to your superiors that you can be fast as well. Play Ninja Room Escape room escape game by Free Room Escape and become a true ninja.

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