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NBA Difference Fan

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You cheered for Golden State Warriors when they won by 15 points in the game 1. You felt so happy and proud. In fact, you even bought a Stephen Curry Jersey and showed it off to your boys. You challenged your boys and you bet 100 dollars on your favorite team. And it's not a surprise when they won again in game 2. Golden state didn't bring you down so you bet again in game 3. You went to their house to watch the game live. Before the game begins, you already assured that Warriors will win. But this is not what happened. The Warriors were down by 10 at the half-time break. You hoped that the Warriors will get back up but when 3rd quarter starts, Lebron fired up which brought the Cleaveland Cavaliers up by 20 points.

Everyone in the room laughed at you and what's worse is, you are losing 200 dollars. You have to escape from this NBA madness. Your home boys are so excited for the game to end. You will surely pay the price for feeling extremely proud. But your boys are nice enough to give you a chance to redeem yourself. They had set up a Difference Game for you. Find the difference between the NBA pictures. You have to win this one to escape from the shame. Let's play some point 'n click spot the differences game made by Difference Fan. Good luck with finding all!

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