New Year Welcome Party Hotel Escape Game

New Year Welcome Party Hotel Escape

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After winning a raffle draw in your office, you're going to cover the New Year Welcome Party at a hotel. You don't know how to feel about it. You want to be excited about dressing up for the occasion. Then again, you also feel anxious about being with a lot of people you don't know. Add the fact that these people are from the high society. However, this is an invitation and not just some random gate crashing. So you gather up your courage and confidence to face the task ahead. You wear your dress and recite your daily claims. Then you walk out the door and into the car. The car's running smoothly on the road and you this helps calm your nerves. You're just taking a deep breath every time you can sense you're losing your focus. You're out here to interview the guests anyway.

So you wait at the carpet to interview the incoming guests. Then you start your work and you feel more and more at ease. After your job at the carpet, you proceed inside for the party. Some of your interviewees even come up to you to talk for a while. You're having such a wonderful time that you forget to leave the place. Play New Year Welcome Party House Escape room escape games by Knf Games.


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