2016 To 2017 Escape

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While you’re lying down on your bed, you suddenly see a wormhole opening up. You climb higher to the top of the bed hoping to get away. However, it seems like the wormhole’s pulling you closer and closer until it swallows you whole. You try so hard to hold on to your bed since you don’t know where it’ll take you. Then again, it seems like you should be somewhere. So the wormhole swallows you whole and you feel so much dizziness that you just shut your eyes. It feels like you’re sleeping for a very long time while being aware of the twists and turns of your path. Suddenly, the twists and turns stop and you cautiously open your eyes. The place surprises you as it’s still inside your room. You’re looking everywhere to see what’s changed. And what you’re seeing is something like out of a film.

The year when the wormhole appeared is 2016. But now it’s already 2017. It was just like a blink of an eye. And then the year suddenly changed. There should be a few days before 2017 and being here today means you skip some days. Find your way back to the right time and experience all you should have. 2016 To 2017 Escape is a room escape game by Kids Jolly Tv.

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