Mystery Castle Escape (365 Escape)

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The old and dark castle here is very strange, for nobody have lived there for centuries but still there seems to be some signs of people living in the place, but nobody had ever seen any person going in and out of there. As a resident living near the said ancient structure, Leo wanted to see what makes the place tick. And so, he enters not only for discovery, but also for adventure.

Leo is going in and through the halls there now, he is seeing recent activity indeed and that is making him very uneasy. There might be vagrants here or vandals which might have made this place their home, and one can bet they will defend it from trespassers like him. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea? And so Leo decided to slowly make his way out of there, but as he did that though he realized that there could be indeed people living here, for the door where he went through and is the only exit he knows, was now locked! Leo is now in potentially deep trouble here, he needs to escape right-now or he’ll finally find-out what really gives this place its activity. Escape players, come and help Leo here navigate out. Be very careful or you might push him deeper in the heart of the place there.

Mystery Castle Escape is a brand new point-and-click ancient indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

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6 months ago

Friends – lovers of online quests! If you are still studying, do not neglect mathematics, and if you have already learned all yours, then at least sometimes remember it.

Here’s an example for you. A programmer without mathematics is not a profession, but a psychiatr’s diagnosis. How many 4-digit numbers are there in all? According to the dense ignoramuses from “365 Escape”, there are only 9000. And even only 4 cells were allocated for the answer! But in fact, it’s 10000 numbers – a 5-digit number.

Learn math, I tell you. A programmer who doesn’t know math is just a stupid coder.