Beautiful Witch Magic Room Escape

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The king really needs magical intervention now for his curse is getting worst, so the queen commissioned someone to fetch a person whom she thinks can handle this problem. As an elite castle guard, John will have to say yes to his queen for the king’s life is clearly in jeopardy. The queen’s request was to fetch this person who was also a student of magic, mostly master now for she is quite old but still looking young. This person is a witch and she is not a white one but a being of darkness! And upon hearing that, John is really hesitating to do this. Hopefully he’ll come back with what he came for and his body is still intact.

John arrives at the castle of the witch and he calls forth for her, but unfortunately though she did not come out and John can only hear muffled sounds coming from the place. What is she up to? John asked one more time and that’s when he saw the witch from a window asking for help! She said she is trapped in her room there and she needs him to come and help her. This is clearly a trap, but what can he do now? He must successfully do his task for this is a royal order. Escape players, John can only protect himself with his steel here, so will you help him then in rescuing this witch as he gets his guard up to the highest level? Stay alert then and be ready for that conniving hag.

Beautiful Witch Magic Room Escape is a new point-and-click rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Beautiful Witch Magic Room Escape

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