Monstrous House Escape

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“It’s creepy here. And it’s creepy  there. Everywhere it’s creepy!” You sing this song to the tune of Old McDonald. You’re the type of person who doesn’t really enjoy creepy things. But there was a time when you faced your fear. One of your fear is with spiders. You simply can’t take their creepy long legs crawling on you. But one of your classmates might have found it funny to place the spider on your skirt. You don’t want to be seen as a weakling even though you’re very terrified. So you gently let the spider crawl from your skirt to the chair. Then you looked at your classmate with a piercing one. He simply smiled and said he’s proud of you. Then again, it turned out he’s more proud of himself for having let you face your fear. You let him be and you never saw him again.

Now you’re in another situation where you have to face one of your fears. You don’t know what’s lurking around but you can’t stand knowing any moment something’s coming out. So while you’re still sane, look for a way out of this place. Play Monstrous House Escape room escape game by Mouse City.