Ruined Hospital 3 Game

Ruined Hospital 3

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You remember falling down from somewhere and then everything's black. It seems like you're travelling in a very dark tunnel where no sound can penetrate. You keep on walking through this tunnel while feeling so cold. You're shivering but you know you need to keep on walking. Something about stopping gives you a bad feeling. However, you start to feel tired. You want to stop walking and just rest in this tunnel that's becoming more and more comfortable. Suddenly, you feel something pushes you. Without meaning to, you move and wake up. Your eyes take a few moments to adjust to the light around you. You open your eyes to a ruined hospital. You don't know how you're able to get here. But when you look at your clothes, you understand you're a patient. But what's happening with this hospital? And why you're here?

You walk around to get a sense of the previous happenings here. But you only experience headache every time you want to retrieve a memory from somewhere inside your mind. You look around once more and you know it's not safe to be here. You need to be in a safer place before figuring things out. Play Ruined Hospital 3 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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