Monkey Go Happy - Stage 157 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 157

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You were to travel in the summer to a place you really love. However, you were worrying about the schedule of your mission. Your parents clearly told you that they'd push through with the trip even if you were not around. This made you feel bad but you understood their reasons. You had been planning this trip for so long. And you made sure that everything was settled. All that was to do was to go. But the rumor of your mission arriving was everywhere after settling everything. So you talked as a family and decided that the trip would go on no matter what. But you just couldn't sit around and wait for the worst to happen. You went to the head quarters to ask for an earlier schedule. They were looking at you with doubt in their eyes.

Still, you stood firm and hoped for the best answer. One of the superiors sighed and gave you a go signal. So you started your mission right after your visit to the head quarters. Your head was full of the fun things to do after you finish. But you needed more than just motivation to push through. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 157 adventure games by Pencil Kids.

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