Monkey Go Happy - Stage 131 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 131

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Even the baby monkey couldn't escape the naughtiness of the tiny monkeys. The baby monkey saw how the tiny creatures were able to escape from their cage. So he hurriedly went over to the big ones to tell them about it. However, it seemed like everyone else was busy. Until one of the big ones came over to the baby monkey. But instead of going after the tiny ones, he just patted the baby. The baby's eyes were close to overflow with tears. Then he took his pacifier and crawled after the tiny creatures. He was quite fast that he was able to catch up with them. Then again, they scattered before he laid a hand on one of them. The baby felt frustrated and helpless. Yet he still managed to crawl through it all. And that was when you spotted him.

You didn't know if you should feel bad or laugh at the baby but you knew you just had to help him. And so you went with the baby monkey collecting the needed items while picking up the tiny ones along the way as well. You promised the baby you'd be done in no time. But would you be? Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 131 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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