Mission Escape City Game

Mission Escape City

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You work as a Special Agent for the M-Ultra, a secret team that is run by the government. You were assigned on a mission to assassinate a person that carried evidence that could potentially sever the ties of your country from the other neighboring countries; this information could start another war. So you studied the person's personal file and what you found out baffled you...this guy was a ghost, there was literally no record of his existence; where he lived, his true identity, nothing.
You utilized the in-depth database to do further research of your target and found a video clip dated 2 days, he was in the city of Andolla.

You departed for Andolla the next day, did a surveillance routine on the city. Several days after, you found your target. You then confronted him and found out that he is your father and that the bureau was using you to get to him. You didn't have the nerve to kill your own father so the situation took an epic turn. You are now an enemy of the state, too. You need to get off the grid to plan your next move against the government.


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