Mini Island Escape 3D Game

Mini Island Escape 3D

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It's nice get away from the city every once in a while. Since it's a long weekend, you went to the beach to relax. However, there are so many people in the beach when you came. Because of that, you went to a mini island so you can enjoy the silence of the place. The place is perfect until you realized that the boat is missing. That boat is the only thing that can bring you to the main island. This is the problem that you have to solve right now. Although this island is small, there are so many puzzles around it that you need to solve before you can escape from here. Because of that, you have to find clues that can help you with those puzzles. Thankfully, there are hints in this island and all you have to do is to roam around to find those.

Another good news is that, there are are items in here that you can use for your escape plan. It's not safe to stay here at night time so you  have to escape before the sun comes down. Mini Island Escape 3D is the newest outdoor escape game from Hidden Key Games for Mouse City. Good luck!


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