The interiror of the house is tastefully decorated in Mini House Escape 2 game.

Mini House Escape 2

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It is Joanie’s dream house. This is what Bobby keeps telling himself. Even though through strange things have been happening, this is what his wife wants. The house itself isn’t very big but a starter for newly weds. The interior is beautiful with a modern theme going on about it. Bobby, on the other hand, cannot settle down. Things around the house are going missing and turning up again. Food keeps disappearing from the fridge and mud tracks are seen from the back door trailing all around the house. One night, both couple find themselves locked in. They cannot understand how this could happen since they know that some of the locks are from the inside. They soon find themselves face to face with a stranger who lives in the attic and doesn’t want them in his home.

The second Mini House Escape game from Ainars is here! It was sponsored by Escape Fan. Let’s explore the house and see what you can do in order to escape!

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Walkthrough video for Mini House Escape 2

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