Memorable Palace Escape Game

Memorable Palace Escape

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You find it very weird but there are times when you're spacing out, you see some memories pass by. There was a time where it was about the food you have eaten. Other times, it shows you the places you've been and the people you'e met. You actually looking at this passing memories. It makes you feel good during not-so-good days. But none of these really happened to you. You're simply spacing out and these memories just randomly enter your mind. You didn't give much meaning on it, at first. Yet more and people are looking at you questioning when you tell of what you see. Then after a few days, they happen to see it happening at them. It's not like you're wishing for these things to happen. But somehow these memories just find ways to enter their mind to match with yours.

You started learning more and more. Your search for meaning brought you to a palace. This palace is not well take cared of. However, the neighbors take turn to clean it. And then flood of memories rushed back. Are these really your memories? Or someone just planted those memories on you to keep their identity? You might find the answer on this Memorable Palace Escape room escape game by Eight Games.

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