Medievel Rustic Castle Escape

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For the holiday, Amado decided to check ancient places around the area and some would even date back 2000 years ago! He has a lot on his list to check out, and at the moment he is in this castle which was entirely made of stone and the thing was indeed very sturdy when he placed his hands on it. The other fixtures there are already recreations but those would still make the place like he had been sent back into time. Amado loved the place definitely for its ancient beauty, but as he went deeper into the complex however, something happened and now he is in serious trouble!

Amado could not find his way back for the halls there are snaking and just confusing! Guess the people from before have built this place with haste, for if they haven’t then some of the steps there are actually even. Escape players, imagine you are Amado here and you are lost in the stone castle! The worst part about this too is that you have entered it alone and that’s why you could not get any help. Will you be able to find your way out as quickly as possible so this won’t become a bigger problem?

Medievel Rustic Castle Escape is a brand new point and click ancient complex escape game from Big Escape Games.