Luxury Living Room

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Guess this huge and luxurious house is in everyone’s dreams at least once in their lives, Terry is only lucky that he gets the privilege to enter the place for he works as a cleaner there and at the moment, the previous guests had just left so he is in charge there now. Terry fixed everything that he can and after hours, his job was finally finished. But he is not really done for the day yet for there is still more places to clean in the area, but as he tried to leave this luxurious place he just cleaned however, something happened and now he is facing an issue!

Terry could no longer escape the house for the doors would not open! He has no idea what happened and he can’t think of any reason why this happened, he is in charge here at the moment and he has the power to lock and unlock the place, but it seems that someone is playing a prank on him here and hopefully it is simple as that he thought, for if this is something else then he might get accountable and probably lose his job! Terry doesn’t want any of that, so he’ll have to fix this before this gets worst. Escape players, come and help Terry here escape from this beautiful place and of course do not destroy anything.

Luxury Living Room is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Hidden247.

Walkthrough video for Luxury Living Room


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