Medieval Wood House Escape

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The wooden mansion here is pretty old and a bit weird too. Well for some of the rooms there are Victorian era made or something but some were in cabin style. Maybe it were some new attachments through the years there as some sort of renovations from previous owners? Well could be, but that is not why Earl is there that day though, for he was out in search for hidden treasures!

The house is said to have been keeping something valuable but up to this day nobody was able to find it. Earl wanted to find it but before he went in there though he was warned, for there is said to be some mysterious things happening in there and a lot of people have already fallen victim to it before. Well unfortunately for Earl though, he will experience that as well! After weaving through the halls there which were kind of like mazes, Earl finally gotten himself lost and what’s weird about that are the doors he just passed through, for now they are locked! Earl is starting to get concerned there and a bit claustrophobic. He needs to get out of now for his responses are getting the best of him. Escape players, will you help Earl here before this situation spirals down for the worst for him?

Medieval Wood House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Medieval Wood House Escape

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