Magician Room Game

Magician Room

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While walking around the streets, you find this strange man. He is trying to walk normally but you can really tell that there is something weird going on. You want to stop following him around. However, you're really curious as well. So you simply try to check him out once in a while from afar. Then again, it seems like he's aware of your attention to him. He tries to hide into a corner and you immediately pick up your pace to find him. But when you round the corner, he's already waiting for you there. You're having a hard time looking for an excuse for following him. So you smile at him awkwardly and slowly back out of the corner. But as you do, the man raises his hand and vanishes into thin air. You can't believe what you witness.

You move closer to where he was and find a card. It has an address to it. You pick it up and read the address out loud. Instantly, you're inside the house where the magician might be. However, no matter how many times you call out him, no one answers. And you immediately understand that it's a trap. Play Magician Room room escape game by WoW Escape.

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