Escape from Magician House Game

Escape from Magician House

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The Amazing Merlini is a famous magician who became a millionaire through his magic shows. You always hated legerdemains and the people who are doing it. It's like they take the people's money for nothing. Everything you see is just lies. So when you heard about this successful magician, you decided to stop him. The best way was to reveal his secrets and how he does the tricks. After a half year of investigation, you finally did it. You had the sufficient information to destroy this clown. Although, you decided to give him a chance to confess in front of the people. You told him everything and he invited you over to his house to talk about it. When you arrived he locked you in and blackmailed you, saying he won't let you go if you don't give him the evidence. Let's escape. Good luck!


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