Magic Forest Adventure

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The magical forest is a place of dreams, why is that so? Well the place is fond of playing people with its illusions and they should stay away from the area for they will surely get lost in there. A lot of people have already lost their way there and half of them never really came back! That’s why Smith here is doing a real risk for his life, that’s because he is planning to enter the place for an adventure!

Smith pretty much knows the risk he is taking here, and one of the things he will possibly be facing is the magic of the place which is a main factor of its illusions, but still he went. Smith roams around the place and at first he saw nothing special, there were strange things there indeed but not enough to get him to bail out of there. The end of his adventure came but none of what the others have talked about have come to make themselves known. Okay maybe the place is not game for anything here at the moment? Or it could be that he is already under the illusions of the place! Okay then, now that he is already at the end here, Smith needs to focus and realize if he is in an illusion or not, for if he is then he’ll just be going in circles there and possibly for forever! Escape players, will you help Smith here as he does his escape as safely as possible?

Magic Forest Adventure is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Hidden 247.

Walkthrough video for Magic Forest Adventure


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