Magic Easter Garden Game

Magic Easter Garden

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Last year's Easter was a bummer for you. Although deep in your heart you were happy, a part of still wanted to join the Easter egg hunt. So that night, you wished for another Easter to come. In your dreams, someone answered your wish. However, instead of having another Easter, you will be brought to a magical garden. In this garden, Easter never ends. The news thrilled you. But then you heard something beeping and it became louder and louder. Then you woke up. This dream disappointed you. While walking to your workplace, you can't help but remember your dream once more. You were thinking maybe you just failed to note one little detail. Yet no matter how much you try to come up with one, you still have nothing. Just then a hole appeared.

At first you wanted to avoid the hole. However, you remembered that bunnies can appear through that. So instead of running away, you jumped right in. And then you found yourself in a magic Easter garden. Someone mentioned this in your dream. You found your way in, but how will you get out? Play Magic Easter Garden outdoor escape game by 365 Escape.

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