Mad Man Room Escape Game

Mad Man Room Escape

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Nelson's friend had gone mad one day and nobody can control him! That's because he runs around and is hard to catch. It had gone to the point that he had ran to that abandoned building in the area and had locked himself there! There is no other people that can get him out of the place, but as his close friend Nelson thought his friend might listen to him so he has to try.

Nelson is very much hesitant to enter the abandoned building for in their younger years when he was still living in the old town, they were very much spooked of the place and none of them would ever set foot in there. Well they did once and because of that bad experience, they never returned. Nelson is determined to rescue his friend though and maybe get him out of his unfit stage too eventually, but because he was hesitant of a lot things as he enters there, little did he know that is enough of a factor to get him in trouble in there. Escape players, want to help Nelson's friend here and also help him for at the moment, he is in a bit of a problem?

Mad Man Room Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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