Traffic Inspector House Escape

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Randall works as a traffic inspector and because he is an officer which is being required to go on-duty and on time, everyday should be a distraction-free day for him at least before he goes to work. But that day as he was getting ready to leave however, some problem is stopping him to leave and it’s a serious one for him already because it was a duty day!

Randall got trapped in his own house for he can’t open the doors there and it’s absolutely mysterious, for something like this had never happened before! Plus, if this was somebody’s doing, then who would do this? He knows nobody that would play a prank on if however, somebody menacing is out there and is playing with the people in the neighborhood. Knowing that his house has an interior color of very bright green which can still be seen from the outside, it basically signals them to go and play a prank on this house. Well whatever the reason is here, Randall needs to escape for his time here is important and he’ll be late soon. Want to help him escape players and test your escape skills here as well?

Traffic Inspector House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.