Luxury Timber House Escape Game

Luxury Timber House Escape

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The house Liam constructed wasn't just a simple place, knowing that it had been built near the forest, it is expected that it would be built into a cabin, actually it was but also luxurious! It took quite some time to build but when it was finished, family and friends came and they all thought the place was absolutely great. Liam thought so too but at times, people who creates something great might not be contented with what they did, he felt like he needs to add something more there and that's why one day, he installed more lights for he thought the rooms were dimly lit.

Liam worked on it and it had been okay, the installation was smooth and successful, maybe he can relax now in his living-room. But then there was another thing which he needed to fix, and that is a thing which happened unexpectedly. Liam could not get out of his house anymore for he could not budge his doors open! He had no idea why is it happening but he thought should he use force on this? Well if he uses that then he might have a lot more to do there than just to find-out what's happening with his place. Escape players, come help Liam here so he can escape and get answers on what exactly happened.

Luxury Timber House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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