Rural Granny House Escape

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The house where Cecile is at the moment is her grandma’s for she visited her for the week. Her grandma is not the same anymore, she is a little bit slow and have lost a bit of her strength, well she is now older so her strength will really deplete, that is why the more she shall visit to make sure she is okay. That day, Cecile now needed to return home for she had stayed for days already and she has work to do back in the city, and so she said goodbye to her grandma and got her bags from her room. But as she did however, she never realized the house itself will have something for her as a parting gift.

Cecile could not leave the house for the doors seems to be hard to open! Cecile then called for her grandma but unfortunately she didn’t come! Can’t she hear her? She couldn’t open the doors now and it’s very weird for the thing doesn’t have a working lock! But now it is locking her efficiently. Escape players, Cecile needs some help here so she can escape and also so she can check her grandma before she leaves for it’s weird why she couldn’t hear her call for help from the room. Will you help her out then by manipulating some items to open the door?

Rural Granny House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Ekey Games.

Walkthrough video for Rural Granny House Escape


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