Luxury Bathroom Game

Luxury Bathroom

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Try the fun escape adventure here in an awesome house. Luxury Bathroom is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 365 Escape. Good luck and enjoy!

Marian was the new guest of the luxurious house here and it's what she calls vacation from the hard-work she had been doing. For days, Marian had been living like a queen there, but all things must come to an end though and that includes her stay in a place which made her feel like royalty. But as she was ready to leave however, a mysterious thing occurred and she thought at first, did she miss a feature of the house?

All of the doors in the place would not open and no matter how hard she tried everything, it would really not open! Marian was not informed about a security thing here or something which had made the house locked by itself. Well, she needs to do something about this now, or she'll overstay in there but of course, she is not suppose to destroy anything on her trying to leave the luxurious abode. Escape players, care to join in the escape attempt with Marian here from the luxurious house? Go ahead then, use your skills as well as your logic for this one, have fun!

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