Easy Room Escape 1

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Easy Room Escape 1 is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Amgel Escape. Best of luck for the escape adventure here!

As Peter was still solving his weird problem in his own house, there was a very similar situation to him which had happened and it’s just in the neighborhood! Alice and her kids were just minding their own respective businesses inside their home and it was a normal day. But as Alice tried her doors so he can get something out of the room she was in, she could not opened it and that got her screaming for her kids!

Unfortunately, they were also trapped in the place and luckily at some point, the doors inside finally opened and there’s only one more that needs opening, Alice needs to open her front-doors for that thing is really not budging! What in the world is going-on here? Alice is definitely mystified of this and her kids were too as well. The kids are still calm and that’s good for it’s such a bad thing if they started whining and asking what’s going on. Escape players, Alice needs to solve this weird problem here in her house, care to join in on the first indoor escape series with Alice and try if you can escape the place? Enjoy then everyone!