Luobi Cave Escape Game

Luobi Cave Escape

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When people say "China", the first thing that comes to your mind is the Great Wall. But you stopped and wonder, is there anything else special about China? The answer is yes! There is Luobi Cave on Sanya, China and it is full of history and mysteries. It is nice to discover a place like this so you took the time and went inside the Luobi Cave. This is the most wonderful cave that you've seen in your life. You have a tour guide inside the cave. He is nice and all but he talks non-stop. You stopped for a while to take some pictures but moments later, you can't hear him anymore. He is out of site. You tried to scream his name but no one answers back.

You are left alone in the Luobi Cave but the worse thing is, you are not familiar with the cave. But you shall not worry because there are clues around the cave that can help you to escape. There are also puzzles that you must solve in order to get out. Play Luobi Cave Escape and find those clues that can help you to escape. This brand new room escape game is made by KnF Games. Best of luck!


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