Snow Cave Escape

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Just beneath the snowy mountain, there was a place called icy cave. That means the area where it all stands are just cold inside and out. People are not advised to go in there though for it’s dangerous because it is an active one. The ice thaws and refreezes there and that might start a collapse burying people who have the courage to enter the tunnels below. Plus it’s not an easy place to venture into for it’s not just one tunnel there but a lot of them.

As a person who is either a fool or a courageous one, Luke was down there for he was itching to go on an adventure there! That’s pretty reckless of him definitely, for the place is downright dangerous. But he thought he was all good for the place had been silent for a while now, well he can’t be more wrong though, and he will look more like a fool there. Luckily Luke’s problem was not immediately fatal, for he just got lost in the tunnels there for he had fallen victim of the place’s snaking and branching caves! It’s not safe to be there for long now and he must get UN-lost and find his way back out. Escape players, Luke here is now on the edge of potential fatality here and it’s not the question of if that will happen to him but actually when, and it could be soon now. Will you help him out then so he can still learn lessons here like this in the future?

Snow Cave Escape is the newest point and click cold underground escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Snow Cave Escape

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