Luca The Boy Escape

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Luca only exists in the recent movie but not really, for Jason has a friend who has the same characteristics as Luca’s and the name was even the same! Did somebody knows about the real Luca here and made it into a movie? For the similarities of this boy in the movie and him are almost 100%. But even then Jason cannot let any of his thoughts out for Luca is really one of those water people which changes their form when they are in or out from the water. That’s why they just live secretly in the neighborhood there and far more hidden now for Jason just saw Luca in the big screen that day, it seems that somebody is really spying on them here. And that day too Jason was given a little hint of what he thinks could be true, for something happened to Luca that day!

Luca just got trapped in the room there in the house and it’s weird for there is really no reason for it to get locked! Jason even tried to find-out what’s keeping it sealed shut and he couldn’t see any reason for it. Jason is getting very suspicious here, for this could be a plan or something and if ever, then they are starting to win here. Escape players, Luca needs your help here and you will be playing as Jason. Will you be able to find items in the house which can help free Luca and quickly before another unexpected thing occurs?

Luca The Boy Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Luca The Boy Escape

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