Magician Boy Escape (8b Games)

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As this magician boy’s mentor, Timothy went to the kid’s house for he had called and invited him to come over for he had successfully done a new magic trick. He planned to show him and of course Timothy must come for not only he doesn’t have work that day, his responsibility is for the next generation as he will be passing his torch someday and he would like it to be passed on to this kid. And so he arrives and he quickly became an audience to his apprentice’s performance. He waved a wand and said a few words and voila! It worked and now he was gone! This kid is definitely talented, but little did he know the result was actually a problem and now the kid needs help!

The boy was magically transported to a room in the house and now he is trapped for the door would not open on him! Timothy almost broke a laugh but he thought he can’t while his student just suffered a failure, maybe later when they talk about it he can. But first he needs to get him out of there and quickly before he casts another spell and that could bring him someplace else. As much as possible, Timothy will not use magic here for there is still a chance to just get him out of there normally and that can be counted as well. He had practiced himself not to rely too much on magic, so he’ll do this without that. Escape players, want to help Timothy here help his apprentice out from being trapped?

Magician Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Magician Boy Escape (8b Games)


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