Lovable Chipmunk Escape

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How cute was this one chipmunk frolicking in the trees near the village, Hitch sees this animal as really different and who wouldn’t think of it as otherwise? It’s appearance is different than the other wild chipmunks there. Well Hitch has this feeling that this one was more different in terms of things no normal people can see, she has that strange talent and actually she was right, for this chipmunk was more friendly than the rest like it was a tamed dog!

Hitch felt a strong connection with this chipmunk up to the point he made the animal his pet! But he wouldn’t tie the animal down though, for he still wants to see the happiness of the creature and he knows very well that it would disappear once he cages it. But that day though, he will find this creature inside one and for that it could be an accident or not! Hitch found this chipmunk of his inside some cage after he tried to find it for it hadn’t showed-up for the day. Hitch doesn’t know if this is indeed an accident or not, but there is one thing certain here, and that is he will free the chipmunk and quickly. Escape players, Hitch doesn’t know who this cage belongs to that’s why he’ll do this rescue with haste, so will you help him with this so he can free his chipmunk friend as soon as possible?

Lovable Chipmunk Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Palani Games.

Walkthrough video for Lovable Chipmunk Escape


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