LoL Hidden Objects House Escape Game

LoL Hidden Objects House Escape

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You were walking in the snowy forest, when a strange music started to play. You couldn't tell where it came from. It came from everywhere... Suddenly, you started to move forward but not on your own. Your legs were moving like someone else was controlling them. In the next moment, strange texts appeared in front of you. One of them said "HP 100/100" and the other one was a name "Alelthas". You kept moving until you found an object on the ground, then you stopped. You picked it up. A message showed up: "Obtain all numbers to assemble password. Use golden key to open the exit." Then a portal opened and sucked you in. You ended up in this house. Good luck!


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  1. Date: February 3, 2016
    Author: Allso Cawtious
    Oh, that dear little kitty in the mirror.. - what happened to him/her?? Good game! [Reply]
    • Date: February 3, 2016
      Author: Escaper Joe
      Kitty escaped from the house in the end of the game :) [Reply]

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