Log Land Escape

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The log land, a place Marty visits every year and it is absolutely a beautiful wilderness. The logs there too are very distinct, for most of them are straight and standing upright, although there are some trees that are not like that, the straight logs are still dominant and that’s why the place was called as such. That day, Marty was once again there in the log houses which was a camp built for the visitors there, Marty thought he really had the place already figure-out but unfortunately, he wasn’t yet and he found that out the hard-way!

Marty knew of every path, twist and turns there even the hiding places in the area, but somehow there was an place he had never been to before and that’s where he will get lost! Marty was now in the said situation and he is beginning to get even more lost in the place there! He fears that he might push himself further into the forest and he knows the wilderness here is still very powerful than him, he’ll still easily get even more lost and probably not seen for again. He must find his way back then while there is still light or he’ll definitely get the worst of this situation. Escape players, want to help Marty here so he can get back to areas he knew before the sun goes down?

Log Land Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Log Land Escape

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