Locked Out The Roof Game

Locked Out The Roof

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The sky is so high and all you can do is to stare at it. It seems an amazing feeling to look at the sky with the stars above. You are in a mood to just lay down and think about life. Because of that, you went to the roof so you can get a better view of the sky. There are lots of stars that you can see but staring at those makes you sleepy. You wished upon a star and it just makes you feel calm inside. With that, you can surely get a good night sleep. You packed up and got ready to go back to your bed. However, there is a problem that you need to solve. You don't know a way to leave the roof.

You are in such a high position and you have to look a way to escape safely. The good news is, there is a door that can get you out but there is a lock. Seems like you have to wish for a way to escape but you that it won't work. The only way to escape from the room is to use your logic. Locked Out The Roof is the newest outdoor escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Good luck!

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