Locked Heart Escape

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The magical and strange place here is filled with things cannot be found in the real world, but can be found in a cartoon however. Harry frequents there for he managed to find a secret portal that leads there. He aims to understand the place but still he seems to be at a stand-still for he really could not understand what the place is and what it is about. And so he ventures further there just to see what else he can find same as always, and as expected he found something different again, but this one though seems to be in-need of some help.

Harry saw a trapped heart-shaped creature tied in two stakes on each of its sides and the strange creature was flailing! What is this about now? He thought this place is all about happiness, friendship and kindness, but yet there was a creature there being held against its will. Harry was a bit against this thing which he will be doing here, but eventually he decided to free the creature and for all he knows it really needs genuine rescue for it trapped itself accidentally, well as it said to him. Escape players, you will be in the shoes of Harry here now, will you be able to help in getting this heart-shaped creature off from its shackles and safely?

Locked Heart Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Locked Heart Escape


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