Lobster Beach Escape Game

Lobster Beach Escape

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Lobster Beach Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Selfdefiant for more dose of fun escapes with us in a coastal area. Enjoy!

The lobster beach is a weird place and mostly, people stays away from it thanks to the weirdos roaming around in that area. But one day however, George and his friend's planned to proceed to the area with a secret prank hidden in what they said will only be an adventure and George doesn't know about it. Hence it's name, the lobster beach is of course filled with lobsters and for that fact, only a few would dare swim in the beach. The friend's adventure was going to be some sort of vacation for George, but as they all ventured the place, his friends did something which he hadn't expected.

George just got abandoned by his friends and now, he has to make his way back quickly before the weirdos comes closer! George is used to his friend's pranks here and when he found-out that they have gone, he accepted that this was one of those days again. George needs to navigate back and away from this beach now, will he be able to do it safely? Escape players, you can try the beach escape adventure with George, good luck and have fun with us daily.

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