Little Girl Ghost House Rescue Game

Little Girl Ghost House Rescue

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Everybody avoids one specific house in this village. Since the owner left it many years ago, there are reports of ghosts inside the house. You are new to this village so you want to see the house. You find it interesting so you went there. However, you are also afraid so you are just outside the house. You thought that it was just a normal house until you saw something. You saw a girl who peeked at the window. This really creeped you out so you ran away as fast as you can. But as you ran away, you realized that the girl doesn't look like a ghost. In fact, she looks very beautiful and she looks afraid. So even if you are afraid, you still went back to check out if that girl is a ghost.

Your instinct is right, that girl is not a ghost. She is real and she needs your help. The thing is, the hearsays about the house is real but the girl is just trapped inside. She is so afraid so you have to help her to get out of the house. Play Little Girl Ghost House Rescue room escape game from Games 2 Rule and help the girl to escape. Good luck!

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