Lion Tamer Escape

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There is a man living in a strange house in the wilderness and recently, Bert just found-out about his past. Bert travels the forest here on a regular basis, he thought the guy was pretty good, well he is for when he passes by his house so he can collect herbs and firewood in the forest, he would always nod and greet him. In all actuality, he was a wanted guy for he was once a circus tamer and for his performances, he hurts animals with his whip so they would obey him. Well, a man’s past is a man’s past, he might not want to go back to it or otherwise, but as long as he doesn’t bother him then they’re good.

But that day though it seems that this man needs Bert’s help and because he also saw some things in his area, he is hesitating to help. This guy was in a lion tamer costume, with a whip in his hand, and he is inside a man-sized cage! Bert is having some idea what he is doing there, he might be back with toiling wild animals and trapping them in small cages! Bert doesn’t know that for sure, but the guy was pleading to Bert to help him out of the cage. Bert is a calm guy but a very observant one, so he wishes to see what is happening here so for now, he’ll free the guy and ask questions later. Escape players that might not be your first move on this situation, but want to help Bert here free the guy still so he can then figure-out what’s really happening? Go ahead then, find a key to that cage or something and get him out of there.

Lion Tamer Escape is another new point-and-click rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Lion Tamer Escape

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