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Laundry Room Escape

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You are finally home after a long vacation. That vacation is the best vacation that you ever had. However, there is a consequence to that. Now that you are home, there are so many laundries that you have to do. Seems like all of your clothes are dirty and there is nothing left for you to wear. So instead of resting, you went straight to the laundry room to wash your clothes. Thankfully, your washing machine is automatic so you just have to push one button. However, escaping from this room is not as easy as doing your laundry. The door won't open and this is the thing that you have to solve right now. You need to rest and you can't stay in this laundry room for too long. You still have a jet lag and you need your bed badly.

The good news is, there are items in this room that you can use to open the door. Not only that, there are also clues that can help you to solve this puzzle. The only thing that you have to do is to use your logic so you can escape successfully. Laundry Room Escape is another exciting room escape game by Genie Fun Games. Enjoy!

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