Escape From Inspired Rooms Game

Escape From Inspired Rooms

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You ran out of money to buy movie tickets. You were a big movie lover and you couldn't wait to get into cinemas every time new movies came up. However, you didn't have a steady income stream. You just wait for some people to hand you free stuffs or a few bucks. You had this kind of life and you were okay with it. That was until several movies came up at the same and you couldn't choose which one to watch. You checked your balance and you only had enough for one movie. It was your promise not to let one good movie left not watched. So you always find a way to earn the money you needed. Then again, it wasn't always easy and tough days sure weren't far from you. Now you had the dilemma of finding the source.

You saw a part time job offering somewhere. You tried to work for just a couple of days. But the store owner wouldn't agree to it. So you resorted to burglary. You were such a newbie that clumsiness was very evident. Yet the room had so many great stuffs that would cost more than what you needed. Play Escape From Inspired Rooms room escape game by Avm Games.

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