Lake Forest Escape Game

Lake Forest Escape

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You thought you'd never see anything like this in your life. You were a city girl as far as you can remember. Your parents never wanted you to visit any outdoor locations for the fear of catching illnesses. For so many years you only saw the beautiful views through pictures and videos. You were so content with it that you thought it was the best you could see. But then your aunt visited you one day. She asked your parents if she could take you out for some walk in the park or even just in the streets. Your parents immediately disagreed. Your aunt just sighed but didn't push the issue further. You thought you lost your chance of enjoying the outdoors. Yet your aunt was just waiting for a chance to sneak you out. She knew your parents would be crazy mad.

But she'd gladly took the chance just for you. She wished for you to enjoy the wide world you were living in. The first place she took you was the lake forest. You couldn't stop your tears from falling as you ran around the wide space. But you must have had ran away a little too far. You couldn't find your aunt anywhere and you didn't know which way to leave. Play Lake Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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