Invincible Battle 2 Game

Invincible Battle 2

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In the previous escape adventure, we joined Arthur who managed to free the dragon which was the ultimate secret weapon of the castle he finally found. Thanks to your help escape players, that mission was a success. This time however, we will join another person who is going to do a rescue in a big modern house which was being owned by a very rich man. The said person was Matthew and he works as the right hand of the rich man. This rescue is very much necessary than the days his master was in trouble, that's because a civil conflict is about to ensue and his master was the only one who can stop it!

There is really no time to waste now and Matthew must rescue his master who was trapped somewhere in the house and quickly before all is too late. Escape players, come and help Matthew here on the rescue. Check every room in the place and make good use of every item you can find to free Matthew's master wherever he is trapped.

Invincible Battle 2 is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

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