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Invincible Battle

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Arthur have finally found the ancient castle which he had been looking for months! That's because it holds the secret to winning the long war which had been going-on for years in his kingdom with rival kingdoms. He is sure now that his kingdom will win this war but first though, the place demands something, and that is to solve its riddles. The castle is surrounded by a mountain range and a deep blue pool connecting to the sea, everything in there is mysterious as well as dangerous, so Arthur must be ready for all of this if he wants to receive the ultimate power of the place.

Escape players, Arthur have really dealt with difficult stuff just to get to the said castle, it's very grand there yet quite dangerous. Will you help him out so he'll get what he came for? Place yourself on his shoes then everyone, solve the riddles and puzzles there and behold as to what the castle is holding and considering as its champion of wars. Be careful though, for that champion might consider you as its casualty as well.

Invincible Battle is the newest point and click puzzle escape game created by First Escape Games.

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