Iceland House Escape Game

Iceland House Escape

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Even though the cold weather of Christmas had already passed, some parts of Iceland here is still pretty cold and snow was still piling-up. Well it's not really that unusual, for we are talking about mother nature here and absolutely anything can happen. That night, the winter wind is blowing extra chilly and as a local villager in the area, Otis must return home before he gets frostbit or something. Little did Otis know that he'll be experiencing something pretty disadvantageous there and one big factor that's making it worst is the cold weather.

Otis seems to have lost his keys for his house and it was a definite concern, he can't just retrace his steps for not only that the weather was unbearable, his tracks was already being covered by falling snow and if ever those have fallen from his pocket, it is probably below a few centimeters of snow now which was enough to cover it. That's unlikely but not impossible, because the cold wasn't the good kind, Otis must find a way to get inside his home for warmth. Escape players, Otis cannot destroy his door here so he can just go in, for that will create another problem. Will you be able to help him in finding a way to get inside his home?

Iceland House Escape is a brand new point and click cold escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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