Godwit Escape Game

Godwit Escape

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One day, Oscar went to the forest to hunt some wild game, but when he checked the area where an old house stands and an old trap of his is present, he found that it had caught something! What it caught seems to be a godwit bird and for him, it is one in the menu that he doesn't want. A godwit bird is a type of crane-like creature which is present in soggy sandy areas, it hunts for worms and molluscs under the mucky substrate and its bill is quite built for that. Of course Oscar will release it, for he doesn't really like eating those things and besides, he had a bad aftertaste of it on his last one from the animal.

Oscar must open the doors of his cage carefully, for the contraption is pretty old and if he forces it then the animal inside might get hurt. Escape players, Oscar is going for a rescue here and there will be no time constraints on this one, the only limit is when the sun goes down and the place going dark. Give Oscar a hand here as he releases that trapped godwit bird.

Godwit Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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