Ice Skating Meeko Escape

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Meeko is a spontaneous girl and one thing she likes than everything else was skiing! As her mentor, they all planned to bring Meeko to this new spot where they will be going on a ski trip now. Meeko’s mother said yes already and you are very much responsible for her daughter’s safety for you are her mentor. But guess when you went to pick her up though, there was already a problem and she was even still in her house!

You went in the place and her mother was panicking! Why though? Well that’s because her daughter is trapped in her room for the door would not open even though they tried on both of their sides! You have no idea why Meeko’s door here have locked suddenly of course, but you are there now so you decided to help. Escape players, maybe a key will solve this problem here, but the problem was even Meeko’s mother doesn’t know where it is. They absolutely need some help here right now, so will you assist them so that Meeko can get out of her room safely?

Ice Skating Meeko Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Ice Skating Meeko Escape

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