Forest Ranger Escape From Pit

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Ina went to the ranger’s house in the forest for she was going to transport something there from the sheriff’s office which was important. She had to travel through the forest even though it is nighttime for that is how important this business of hers is. Hopefully he is there or else this task of hers is going to meet some snags. Well as she arrived at the place though there were indeed some snags, but at least the ranger was there.

Ina arrived at the place and she called at first but there was no response, well that’s until there was and it was coming from a hole which was freshly dug from beside the ranger’s house! Ina took a peek and there he was stuck in that said hole! He was yelling down there but because he was deep down in it she couldn’t hear him initially. What was he doing down there anyways and why was he digging such a deep hole? Those were the questions Ina let go, but guess he can’t answer those now for he is having some problems there. Escape players, Ina will find stuff like a ladder or something so he can help the ranger get out from that hole. Will you be able to help here so that this rescue can be done quickly?

Forest Ranger Escape From Pit is the newest point and click outdoors rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Forest Ranger Escape From Pit


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